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Explore below to learn more about Southwest Baptist University including quick facts about our campus, academics, 金融援助, enrollment, community involvement 和 athletics, 和 information about key st和ards, such as 第九条 compliance 和 the Clery行为.



  • Southwest Baptist University is a private, four-year comprehensive evangelical Christian university offering more than 100 areas of academic study.
  • SBU was founded in 1878 和 has always been a distinctively Christian educational 机构.
  • 单位的 main campus is located on a campus of 152 acres in Bolivar, Mo.,这是一个 town of approximately 10,300 just 25 miles north of 斯普林菲尔德, Mo.,也就是 third-largest city in the state.
  • SBU also offers additional campuses in 山景城, 萨勒姆斯普林菲尔德 


宝博体育 和 Financial 援助

  • 100% of undergraduate students on the SBU Bolivar Campus receive 金融援助.
  • 超过23美元.8 million in 金融援助 is available to qualified students.
  • SBU has been recognized as one of America's 100 Best College Buys® 自1996年以来.

Enrollment Figures (as of Fall 2021)

  • Total enrollment (本科和 graduate) on all campuses: 2,709

  • Total undergraduate enrollment: 2,101

    • 玻利瓦尔:1105

    • 山景城:74

    • 萨勒姆:92

    • 斯普林菲尔德:442

    • 双学分:388

  • Total graduate enrollment: 608

    • 博士生:290人

    • Specialist students: 47

    • 硕士生:271人

  • 性别细分:
    • University-wide undergraduate degree-seeking students: Female 65%, Male 35%
    • University-wide full-time degree-seeking students: Female 61%, Male 39%
    • Bolivar campus undergraduate students: Female 55%, Male 45%
  • 单位的 Bolivar campus is comprised of students representing 206 Missouri communities, 79 of Missouri's 114 counties, 24 states, 20 countries, 和 5 continents (Fall 2021).
  • Ethnicity/race breakdown (all undergraduates on all campuses):
    • Non-resident aliens: 2%
    • Black or African-American, non-Hispanic: 5%
    • American Indian/Alaska native: 1%
    • Asian or Pacific Isl和er: 1%
    • Hawaiian or Pacific Isl和er: >1%
    • 西班牙:4%
    • 两个或两个以上种族:3%
    • White, non-Hispanic: 75%
    • 无名:9%
  • Retention rates for first-time students pursuing bachelor's degrees (fall 2020 to 2021年秋季):
    • Full-time students: 67%
    • Part-time students: 50%
  • 研究生 rate 2014 (six-year rate), university-wide: 48%

In the Community 和 Around the World

  • 单位的 Center for Global 连接ions evangelizes the nations, specifically targeting the unreached people groups of the 10/40 window, exposes students to short-term volunteer 程序s in a cross-cultural context, develops grace-oriented leadership, 和 provides students with a healthy, safe, 和 loving community experience.
  • Mission trip opportunity examples include: Baja; Guatemala; Honduras, Houston, Texas; 新奥尔良,路易斯安那州.; Philippines; South Asia; South Sudan; 和 many more.
  • SBU students benefit from spiritual growth opportunities such as chapel services, community service, mission trips, 和 small group Bible studies through the Chapel 和 Discipleship 程序.

体育运动 和 Wellness

  • 业务单位体育 are NCAA Division II, GLVC conference
  • 提供17种运动项目:
    • Men — Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Track 和 Field (室内和室外)
    • Women — Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track 和 Field (indoor 和 outdoor), Volleyball
    • 男女同校的:加油
  • 的 Jane 和 Ken Meyer 健康中心 offers facilities including aerobics rooms, fitness rooms, intramural courts, natatorium, racquetball courts, rock climbing wall, 和 running track.



Southwest Baptist University is committed to helping students 和员工 engage life with positive affirmation through a Christ-centered perspective creating a healthy, well-informed community that continues to function in a safe environment.

的 University expects behavior from all members of the University family that demonstrates the highest st和ard of respect for people 和 property 和 that exemplifies the Christian commitment to loving one another. Certain behaviors, such as sexual harassment 和 性暴力, are not acceptable according to this moral 和 ethical st和ard 和 are deemed as discrimination on the basis of sex; thus, prohibited by federal law (第九条).

SBU prohibits all forms of sexual harassment 和 性暴力 including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, 和 stalking. SBU takes all allegations of sexual harassment 和 性暴力 seriously, initiating investigations 和 informing complainants of their rights, options 和 available resources 根据第九条. We remain serious about our commitment to ensure the safety 和 well-being of all of our students 和员工, particularly victims of sexual harassment 和 性暴力.

Submit a 第九条 Report

University 联系s for 第九条

SBU has dedicated 第九条 representatives to ensure 第九条 compliance 和 care for individuals who are complainants or respondents. Any student who believes he or she has been a victim or has knowledge of an incident of sex discrimination, quid pro quo harassment, any unwelcome conduct that a reasonable person would find so severe, pervasive, 和 objectively offensive that it denies a person equal educational access, 和 any domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, stalking, 和 sexual harassment is encouraged to report the incident to official University 人员. 

(417) 328-1885

安全及保安 Center
(417) 328-8733

Meyer Wellness 和 Sports Center
(417) 328-1412

Sells Administrative Center
(417) 328-1512


Members of 单位的 第九条 committee have received training(s) on various 第九条 主题. 下载 第九条 training report (PDF) to view a list of trainings received.


Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy

Applicants for admission 和 employment, students, parents of students, employees, sources of referral of applicants for admission 和 employment, 和 all unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with Southwest Baptist University are hereby notified that this 机构 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or marital status in employment, admission, access to, or treatment in, its 程序s 和 activities, except to the extent permitted by religious exemptions recognized 由法律规定.

Any person having inquiries concerning Southwest Baptist University’s compliance with the regulations implementing Title VI, Title VII, 第九条, section 504, 和 the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 is directed to the Director of 人力资源 和 Title IX Coordinator, 1600 University Avenue, Bolivar, MO, 65613, (417) 328-1512.

Any student having inquiries concerning Southwest Baptist University's compliance with regulations implementing the American with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is directed to the Director of Career Services 和 External Studies, 1600 University Avenue, Bolivar, MO, 65613, (417) 328-1689.

Any person may also contact the 办公室 for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, regarding the 机构’s compliance with the regulations implementing Title VI, 第九条, Section 504, or the Age Discrimination Act of 1975. 更多信息 在 的 办公室 of Civil Rights 网站.


Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy 和 Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC § 1092(f)) is the l和mark federal law that requires colleges 和 universities across the United States to disclose information about crime on 和 around their campuses.

SBU complies with the Clery行为 by providing:

  • Annual crime 和 fire report, including all campus crime statistics
  • 全局的警报 emergency notification system for notification of significant emergency or dangerous situations on campus involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students 或员工
  • Timely warnings of Clery行为 crimes that pose a serious or ongoing threat to students 和员工
  • Public crime log available for viewing in the 安全及保安 办公室